Mobile App   Development Cost In UAE

Different Types of Mobile Apps

1. Basic Mobile Apps

2. Average Mobile Apps

3. Complex Mobile Apps

A basic mobile app development with core features may take approximate 1-2 months. This type of mobile apps may cost between AED 10k to AED 20k.

Basic Mobile Apps

Medium-complex apps may take around 3-5 months depending upon requirements.  This kind of mobile app development costs between AED 30k to AED 60k.

Average Mobile Apps

Creating a fully functional customized app from scratch takes around 6-9 months or more.  This type of  mobile app development costs over AED 75k, based on the complexity, custom features & resources.

Complex Mobile Apps

Factors That Affect Cost of Mobile App Development

1. Business Model

2. App Features & Testing

3. App Security

4.Updates & Maintenance Processes

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