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Experience SWIPE on mobile


S-W-I-P-E is an iPhone app game that consists of two users against each other in an attempt to get one player to spell out S-W-I-P-E. In this game “Player A” will create a gesture pattern as complex as possible and send it to “Player B”. In this game users can use many strokes as possible.

In this SWIPE game, stroke is a line from one dot to another. Strokes start when you touch a dot and end when you lift your finger. “Player B” will recieve the pattern of strokes and they have to mimic the pattern exactly as “Player A” has created it

If Player B successfully replicates this pattern as it was entered by the Player A, then it will be his/her turn to go first. If “Player B” fails to replicate this pattern, Player A will have to re-enter their pattern they have created to give player B a letter. Each player has only 5 seconds to create a pattern.