Experience NOIP on mobile


Noip is used to provide useful, powerful and reliable services that help home users, small and large businesses and even fortune 500 companies take control over all aspects of their DNS & domain services. Make sure the people and places that you love stay safe and secure. You can run a game server & allow buddies to connect from across the globe.

You can download this mind blowing smartphone application “No.ip’ from App store. Now safety of your home in your hands with this smart mobile application. Enjoy remote access your computer, DVR, Webcam or internet connected devices easily. This mobile app can delight its users with it superior features.

Experience Heari on mobile


Heari is a social networking application available for Android, iPhone and Web. It allows users to literally voice their ideas/thoughts/opinions/talents through audio notes and share it with their followers and friends. This social media application”Heari” enables users to communicate with experts and minded persons. This app not only provides communication with text and messages but also via audio communication.

Nowadays, social networking plays an important role in our day to day life when it comes to socializing and interaction. People use social networking sites for expressing their feelings, thoughts, emotions, facts, knowledge etc.

Social Media is also a better platform for business persons to promote their business services and products online. Heari mobile app gives you perfect platform to voice your ideas, emotions, feelings, thoughts in a secure and safe manner. You can download Heari Smartphone app from Google play and iTune store.

Experience There on mobile


The goal of this project is to develop an application (“There”) that allows individuals to post something (Video/picture) from their location. The basis of this app is to show updates at different locations. So a user will be able to type a location and then be able to see various updates from that location. It will include current weather update at locations. It will pull location from GPS and weather from the person’s phone.

The application also allows users (those who want) to create a travel story. Users can create a “TRAVEL” which will be attached to a user profile. Additionally, the application enables users to search any user by his or her phone number/username. It shows the popular explorers and sends the request to others.