Experience Perfect Stranger on desktop


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”

Good Companions often makes a Journey worth remembering. Even a Stranger Friend is worth a million than to travel alone. Keeping in mind the basic necessity of a Traveler to find a perfect Pal to travel with whom the Traveler can enjoy and who can also navigate and educate the Traveler of his destination of preference.

In crux, Perfect Stranger is being designed keeping in mind catering the needs of a traveler.

The Solution being designed is an aperture being developed adopting the MARKETPLACE PLATFORM MODEL lets the Travelers create the events to invite the natives of the destination city and thus they will be able to see by and large almost everything, worth checking out there.

Highly interactive and responsive Web designs adds to the finesse of the system and offers the solution Platform independence as well.

The system completely justifies with its name, enabling the users to find Perfect Strangers to create remarkable Travel Stories for themselves worth remembering a lifetime.