To achieve defined goals & results within deadline and budget, development methodology plays an effective role. Here at The NineHertz, we understand design, plan, implement & achieve your project objectives with the perfect methodology suits your needs.

We at The NineHertz, always implement the proven development methodology in our development process, with a goal to develop better products for our clients. We do this by implementing our trusted & tested process framework that reduces risk throughout the development cycle.

Planning Phase

Client Responsibility
  • NDA & mutual discussion with NHIPL team
  • BRD document / Feature list
  • BRD document / Feature list
NHIPL Responsibility
  • Complete proposal with effort estimate,
  • Project estimate, time estimate
  • BRD analysis
  • NDA
  • Functional specification and SRS document
  • Project document and project plan
  • Exchange of signed NDA

Implementation Phase

Feedback & Reviews
  • Prototype / Demo, system design document
  • Feedback on interim releases
  • User Acceptance testing
  • Closure on project
Mockups/Proof – Concept Architecture Design
  • Code Implementations & iterative code review
  • Paid post-sales support
  • System testing
  • Unit testing
Prototype / Demo, System Design Document
  • System test results & bug log
  • Unit test plan, code review result
  • Unit test results & bug log
  • Offshore support

Support Phase

Detailed Reporting Issues
  • Annual Maintenance Contract
Mockups/Proof – Concept Architecture Design
  • Paid Post-Sales Support
Updated Version Application/Software
  • Offshore Support

Proven Development Methodology

WeAgile Methodology: Agile Methodology is a good method where every step is predefined & well-planned. Agile methodology is a kind of incremental model. It has proven its value in delivering the high-quality application which suits the client’s requirements.

At The NineHertz, agile developers produce better code which is easy to use, maintain & expands accordingly.

Waterfall Development: Waterfall Development is one of the best versions of the system development life cycle model for software engineering. The waterfall methodology comes with specified goals for each development phase.

In this methodology, once the development phase is completed, then It proceeds to the next phase. The NineHertz offers a waterfall approach to the clients as their total cost of the project is estimated, after discussing project functions & specifications.

Spiral Methodology: Spiral method consists of four stages. These are planning, risk analysis, engineering & customer evaluation. In the spiral methodology, the initial stage also defines the customer requirements of all projects.

The other stage is risk analysis, which helps in identifying & resolve potential risks. Later comes to the engineering stage, which includes, testing the products, developing & prototyping. The last stage comes to the customer evaluation phase where the customer evaluates the products.

Development Methodology

  • Needs & Requisites
  • Available Resources
  • Business motive
  • Business Development – Client
  • Business Development – Project Management
  • Development process – Final Upshot – Final execution – Client – feedback
  • Client Need Analysis
  • Research client business
  • Technical viability
  • Budget