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Flight App is an exclusive mobile app for chatting at airports. Your friends can check your flight details, seat number & send you messages. Your known people can send you friend request with this flight application. Flight App automatically detects people who are using flight application, you can chat, share thoughts with them.

Flight mobile app gives delight to its users with easy chatting facility. You can download this superb flight application form App store. Flight App is easy to use and rich-in features. Flight smartphone app will give you excellent user-experience & connect with your friends in a hassle-free way.

In this mobile application airlines are listed with information as well as attractive offers from airlines. People can review the airlines by analyzing previous comments made by other users. It also allows cabin chat, where user can talk with each other. However, this chat room is available for few flights for now. In this app users can create their profile, if a user already have a profile they can edit it.