The world is changing from working on a desktop computer or carrying a notebook to using both tablets and smartphones. Such a change of option usually means the budding entrepreneurs have been introduced with a chance of generating high revenue which is very good.

Nowadays’ apps are accepting the Sauvé IT marketplace with aplomb. It’s thought that if a person has a company, success will be ensured by developing an app as it results in a great deal of publicity. However, developing a mobile app is not easy, ask the app developers about it. It requires a great deal of study of the advertising and company trends.

One can classify mobile applications into two segments namely, B2B and B2C. The sure shot method of creating an app is based on which part you choose. The type of consumers you have is an extremely crucial determinant. It is a consumer pattern that forms the cornerstone of building your utility app. The more the audiences hooked on the functioning of the program, the higher it’s.

The Business to Business Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps which are supposed to target companies are known as Business to Business Mobile Apps. B2B apps would be the trend of the company marketplace since it’s every individual’s option when attempting to run the company anywhere. These programs aid an individual exhibit their abilities. As per a study employing a poll, whopping marketers are simplifying and streamlining their business requirements through mobiles.

These apps have superseded the email that was the executive application on the go. Creating presentations, documents, handling records have become simpler than before due to these apps. That’s currently helping in activities of the entrepreneurs on the marketplace.

B2B programs have been the need of the hour due to its lengthy list of benefits in which construction and scalability are in the priority. A documentation app is constructed to allow sales staff, business development executives and some field representatives to interact with clients. The app intends to present essential agendas of the organization by using templates within the program, etc. So bringing a target audience to attention is an easy undertaking as all operators utilize this type of app in the sales or marketing area. The planet has become smarter by the use of phones that eases the use of apps. These apps help to keep all updated information about not only your but rival companies too 24X7.

Limitations of B2B:

B2B apps are expensive compared to apps that are B2C (Business to Customers). The main reason for this is that when an app is ready for its consumers in B2B, a good deal of components needs contemplation. These components cost a great deal of money which is a restriction on apps that are B2B. The mobile app development companies in Dubai are aware of it.

The company officials are always on the watch out for apps which are resourceful and easy to operate reducing the work time.  Hence, the flawless functioning of those apps with strategy is another limitation.

B2B mobile apps demands and time is money, so this brings us to the next limitation of such apps.

Business to Customer Mobile Apps:

A program that connects the customers and market is B2C. These are the favourite kind of apps and are flood the play shop or the program shop in the phone only to get to the large thing app standing such as Instagram etc. These programs have numerous users from other genres. The success rate one of the users is questionable, even though there are countless B2C apps in the app stores. There’s intense competition from the B2C app that markets. B2C and B2B apps compete against each other. B2C apps go viral to the users as the latter implies company dealings whereas the former will be more of a bidder and everybody’s cup of tea.

Limitations of B2C Programs:

Approach to do a Business to Business app looks like a shortage of a notion since there are apps that are numerous and only one idea. The B2C business is currently overflowing with apps that overshadow the existence of its growth and an application. A user downloads an app based on exceptional customer evaluations which makes it incredibly competitive for a brand new app to create its way into the consumer because of the absence of star evaluations or diminished reaction unless it’s super cool and is likely viral on social networking.

The B2B app’s pricing is just another limitation in the way of progression of these apps. Following the criteria, if an app indicates at the purchase price assortment of 0.99 USD or 1.99 USD, odds are users may download it. However, if the rates range high, an individual may get away from it consequently making means for downloading another compatible app which is more efficient and more economical also. Pricing of these apps is another crucial factor that mobile app development firms must ponder.

So, where do we stand at the moment?

So far, the point of discussion was regarding the analysis of B2B and B2C apps. Now, let’s quickly summarize the scores for both of them:

B2B Mobile applications:

  • You can soon get your target customers
  • The development expenses are relatively higher
  • You need to push your users through campaigns to be successful
  • Building apps can be more accessible even if you do not have a high promotional budget
  • You will find it easy to locate and retain your clients
  • ROI is a guarantee and clients will not hesitate to pay if your app is a good one

B2C Mobile applications:

  • Finding a target market can be difficult due to its varied nature
  • Expenses to develop app are lower than B2B apps
  • You can achieve success in B2C if your marketing campaign  is in a broader dimension
  • The strategy of marketing should be huge to compete against the bigger brand apps of B2C
  • Customer retention is not that easy due to the growing number of B2C apps
  • Apps are relatively cheaper and hence quite acceptable


We can conclude it is rewarding to elect for an app if a person understands his target audiences and has a limited budget. If the budget isn’t a limitation and one comes with a concept that is imaginative, then it’s reasonable to elect for apps and promote it as far as possible to achieve audience and attention.

For either of those apps’ achievement, it’s required to create awareness through networking podiums that are numerous, and by implementing advertising and marketing strategies. Discussing with the experts of this app on media towards gaining focus of the media consumers may work your app. Performing tests based on keywords and assessing the app will aid in making a massive audience base. The experience of the client assists in making sound reviews about the app. It is on what the ios app developers must concentrate.


With the rise in demand for the mobile application, the most important this you should keep in mind while developing your app is, where will it land you after a couple of years. To beat the competitor you don’t have to be the best, try to be the better one.

Spending thousands to get a high- quality will not help you unless the customers do not find it compatible, also getting something below the line is never appreciated, as it is no more an option but a requirement for almost every industries, about 62%of them.

The reason is 65% of their total time people spend on the digital media of which 90% is on mobile apps. Hope you are ready to heat the app store.

Before you start, you must have thought about, at which platform do you want your app to run compatibly. You will get the developers who are both skilled in developing platform independent or platform oriented apps. Possible you would wish to have an app which everyone could access and for that, you will either need an iOS-based or Android-based or the Cross- Platform app.

Here is what you should look for in the development companies of the specific platforms

Android App Developer

Android had always been the best choice for the users even before they did not have the smartphones, which is a reason that the Android Developer is growing at a higher rate. You will have to choose the genuine one among the thousands.

They are pocket-friendly. Although iOS is incomparable, the Android app has the majority among the users. As the number of users is high the variety of devices in the Android world is increasing every day; it may sometimes cause a fragmentation, still is high in demand.

iOS app developer

Presently iOS is considered the highly stable platform for a new app. iOS app developers provide you with a wrapped platform allowing your app to only to associate with the only hardware and software of Apple. They provide you with a better screen size of your app along with a high-resolution play. Working with iOS app develops are much reliable.

iOS is treated as the much mature platform than others, so if you develop an app with the latest 3 iOS, it is more than enough you can reach 97% or the iOS users. They have a pre-crafted, limited resource and range with a short development process, best for you at the initial level.

Cross-platform app developer

The demand for a Cross-platform app developer is increasing but slowly because users do not appreciate the third party app. You can go for cross-platform app developers if you have better plans. Moreover, to avoid rushes with the developers, like Android or iOS, Cross-platform App is the best solution.

They will assists you to get the app for both iOS and Android, running simultaneously. You will need them for your enterprise software development. Moreover, they will charge you less for which you gradually will get more.

Most advanced ways to choose the best mobile app developer for your app development.

1. Portfolio

Before you assign your project to the developer try to get an overview of the previous work they have done. This will help you know how well do they work and how your app is going to be in the market. Look for their ratings and review to get a better idea. By this, you can judge their reliability.

2. Expertise

Some app developing companies have predesigned templates which may look like reaching your expectation, make sure you are not fooled. Before you appoint any developer do proper research and make a record of what is your requirement so that you are not confused.

3. Price

Neither you should prefer very cheap nor very expensive app developing charges, make sure you go for the quality and not the price. Make a budget and work accordingly, it would be better if you have a little flexible budget. Decide it according to the portfolio of your developer.

4. Platform

choose app developers

Many of the developer offer platform oriented or platform independent apps. You have first to decide which one do you want. Moreover, also make it clear with them within the discussion so that you are not messed at the end. Also, check for their certification in specific fields.

5. Involvement

Make sure you have a high involvement with the team for better output. It is always essential to maintain the prototype. Will have to monitor and provide constant input for the development of your app. Sometime it may not be easy for you to get involved, still, try to do it.

6. Timeline

For the delivery of your project make sure your very strict about it. Some of the company work with the team of freelancers who may be working on several projects and would not e able to reach your deadline. They won’t provide post-launch support.

7. Design

choose app developers

In the end, the design is what attracts people. To check that you can check the previous apps of the developer, and accordingly, you can make the changes in your app. Tell all your needs to the developer and get for what you are paying them.

8. Maintenance

Maintenance is also a major this, which you will eventually need your developer for. Once you launch your app, you will get to what more it needs. So, try to take those developers who give you post-launch support for a more extended period.


While choosing a developer for your app always keep the pins mentioned above for better growth. With the high demand in the digital platform, you need to keep your steps going to cope-up and sustain. For that, you need to take better decisions.

An app developer will assist you to get your expectation and also maintain them which is very important for your business growth. Before you rely on them, you should be clear about all the aspects of a mobile app development, which you would possibly find in this article.

The mobile app development industry is growing with a skyrocketing speed. There are thousands of types of mobile apps. Corporate apps, games, music apps, entertainment apps, social media apps, event apps. Event apps are something that gives a brief idea of what events are upcoming in the city. These apps display all event details like what are the timings of the event, venue of events, what celebrities are attending the events, etc. Many millennial are having the fear of missing out. That is the main reason millennial is the ones who are attending maximum events. An event can be of any type like the social festival, traditional festival, parties, etc.

How to know about the events? If you are using Facebook, there is a special tab for events which shows details of all events. Similarly, there are event apps that display all the upcoming events and their details. Many popular app development companies have developed many classy event apps. Some apps are developed specially for the particular events and some apps include all events in that location.

If you too want to develop an event app or want to hire an app development company in dubai  the first thing that comes in the mind is cost. How to decide the cost of an event app? What are the factors while deciding the cost of an event app?

Factors that affect event app development:

1. Marketing cost- Marketing cost can vary in every case. It depends on the source of marketing. If you are taking traditional marketing, it will cost you different. If you are taking digital marketing, the cost will vary. SEO i.e. search engine optimization costs less as it is not a form of paid advertising. But PPC i.e. pay per click are the paid ads. These ads require different costs. In the case of event apps, it requires digital marketing as the target audience must be tech savvy.

2. Salary of resource- To develop event apps, skilled app developers are required. Developers working as full-time employees are paid a certain salary per month. But developers who charge hourly, the amount is different. In app development, there are various resources; developers, designers, testers, etc.

3. App platform- Developing an event app has an important factor called app platform. Whether if you want to develop an Android event app or iOS event app is the important question. While hiring an event app development company, the company asks the first question; what is the platform? To build an event app on one of these two platforms, you have to develop native apps which are a bit expensive. But if you want to develop an event app that works on both, you can build a hybrid app which is less expensive as compared to the native apps. The reason is that code can be reused.

4. GPS connectivity- In event apps, certain features are very essential. Almost all event apps have that feature of GPS. Using this feature, attendees can directly come to the venue. For this purpose, developers need to integrate the location-based (GPS) services with the app. This adds to the cost of the app. It is calculated as a number of hours consumed in adding this functionality to it multiplied by the average hourly rate.

5. API integration- if you want to add a certain facility or integrate your app with third party service increases the cost. This third party service is usually a payment gateway. The hours needed to develop these extra features and integrating charges adds to the cost. API integration is different for different apps. Usually, it takes 3-4 days for integrating an API.

6. Social connectivity- nowadays, every app must have social features. It will increase the development cost. To make the event app more user-focused, it is essential to add social features. Users can share the pictures and other updates of the event app on their social media accounts using this social connectivity.  to your app will considerably increase the development cost. Users can form a community and discuss the events in these communities. Social networking increases the traffic and also a number of downloads increases. It takes around 5-7 days to include this into the app.

7. Offers and discounts- in this competition, every app is offering some sort of discounts and offers to the end users. For instance, 50% off on first 5 purchases. Offering deals, discounts, offers, cash back, coupons make end users happy. It takes around 2 business days to make it work in your app.

8. Content- Content plays an important role in every website, mobile app, web app, etc. Content is an effective factor that influences the user behavior. Content has to be according to the event type and should have a crisp in it. As mentioned before, most of the attendees are millennial; the language they prefer is trendy. Also, content in the form of images and videos is preferred more.

9. Video or images- It is a good habit to record high definition videos and click unique photos of the events and share them on the app with other attendees. This creates awareness about the app. Uploading live videos is an advantage.

Conclusion- Developing an event app is a bit different than any other app as it requires continuous updates. API integration, platforms, third-party apps, etc. are the factors deciding the cost of event app development.

Social post- Marketing, the salary of resources, App platforms, GPS connectivity, API integration, Social connectivity, Content, offers, discounts, video or images, etc. are the factors deciding the cost of event app development.