Factors affecting the cost to develop an Event App?

Written by The NineHertz on August 03, 2018

Factors affecting the cost to develop an Event App?

The mobile app development industry is growing with a skyrocketing speed. There are thousands of types of mobile apps. Corporate apps, games, music apps, entertainment apps, social media apps, event apps. Event apps are something that gives a brief idea of what events are upcoming in the city. These apps display all event details like what are the timings of the event, venue of events, what celebrities are attending the events, etc. Many millennial are having the fear of missing out. That is the main reason millennial is the ones who are attending maximum events. An event can be of any type like the social festival, traditional festival, parties, etc.

How to know about the events? If you are using Facebook, there is a special tab for events which shows details of all events. Similarly, there are event apps that display all the upcoming events and their details. Many popular app development companies have developed many classy event apps. Some apps are developed specially for the particular events and some apps include all events in that location.

If you too want to develop an event app or want to hire an app development company in dubai  the first thing that comes in the mind is cost. How to decide the cost of an event app? What are the factors while deciding the cost of an event app?

Factors that affect event app development:

1. Marketing cost- Marketing cost can vary in every case. It depends on the source of marketing. If you are taking traditional marketing, it will cost you different. If you are taking digital marketing, the cost will vary. SEO i.e. search engine optimization costs less as it is not a form of paid advertising. But PPC i.e. pay per click are the paid ads. These ads require different costs. In the case of event apps, it requires digital marketing as the target audience must be tech savvy.

2. Salary of resource- To develop event apps, skilled app developers are required. Developers working as full-time employees are paid a certain salary per month. But developers who charge hourly, the amount is different. In app development, there are various resources; developers, designers, testers, etc.

3. App platform- Developing an event app has an important factor called app platform. Whether if you want to develop an Android event app or iOS event app is the important question. While hiring an event app development company, the company asks the first question; what is the platform? To build an event app on one of these two platforms, you have to develop native apps which are a bit expensive. But if you want to develop an event app that works on both, you can build a hybrid app which is less expensive as compared to the native apps. The reason is that code can be reused.

4. GPS connectivity- In event apps, certain features are very essential. Almost all event apps have that feature of GPS. Using this feature, attendees can directly come to the venue. For this purpose, developers need to integrate the location-based (GPS) services with the app. This adds to the cost of the app. It is calculated as a number of hours consumed in adding this functionality to it multiplied by the average hourly rate.

5. API integration- if you want to add a certain facility or integrate your app with third party service increases the cost. This third party service is usually a payment gateway. The hours needed to develop these extra features and integrating charges adds to the cost. API integration is different for different apps. Usually, it takes 3-4 days for integrating an API.

6. Social connectivity- nowadays, every app must have social features. It will increase the development cost. To make the event app more user-focused, it is essential to add social features. Users can share the pictures and other updates of the event app on their social media accounts using this social connectivity.  to your app will considerably increase the development cost. Users can form a community and discuss the events in these communities. Social networking increases the traffic and also a number of downloads increases. It takes around 5-7 days to include this into the app.

7. Offers and discounts- in this competition, every app is offering some sort of discounts and offers to the end users. For instance, 50% off on first 5 purchases. Offering deals, discounts, offers, cash back, coupons make end users happy. It takes around 2 business days to make it work in your app.

8. Content- Content plays an important role in every website, mobile app, web app, etc. Content is an effective factor that influences the user behavior. Content has to be according to the event type and should have a crisp in it. As mentioned before, most of the attendees are millennial; the language they prefer is trendy. Also, content in the form of images and videos is preferred more.

9. Video or images- It is a good habit to record high definition videos and click unique photos of the events and share them on the app with other attendees. This creates awareness about the app. Uploading live videos is an advantage.

Conclusion- Developing an event app is a bit different than any other app as it requires continuous updates. API integration, platforms, third-party apps, etc. are the factors deciding the cost of event app development.

Social post- Marketing, the salary of resources, App platforms, GPS connectivity, API integration, Social connectivity, Content, offers, discounts, video or images, etc. are the factors deciding the cost of event app development.