Which is the best investment? B2B apps or B2C apps?

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The world is changing from working on a desktop computer or carrying a notebook to using both tablets and smartphones. Such a change of option usually means the budding entrepreneurs have been introduced with a chance of generating high revenue which is very good. Nowadays' apps…

Written by The NineHertz on October 05, 2018

What are the Ways to Choose App Developers for your App Development

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With the rise in demand for the mobile application, the most important this you should keep in mind while developing your app is, where will it land you after a couple of years. To beat the competitor you don't have to be the best, try…

Written by The NineHertz on October 01, 2018

Factors affecting the cost to develop an Event App?

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The mobile app development industry is growing with a skyrocketing speed. There are thousands of types of mobile apps. Corporate apps, games, music apps, entertainment apps, social media apps, event apps. Event apps are something that gives a brief idea of what events are…

Written by The NineHertz on August 03, 2018