Affiliate Marketing Services

In this Digital Era, there is a big opportunity of higher ROI through Affiliate Marketing. It’s a web-based marketing in which an organization rewards one or more affiliate for each customer or visitor by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

Astute businessmen such as you like paying for results and that is a challenge we love taking at The NineHertz. Our affiliate marketing services are geared towards entrepreneurs like you. Our efforts at affiliate management services include networking, relationship building, social media marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click campaign management, and email marketing management. We are always here for your valuable in-house staff from the burden of managing affiliates to give you a goal-oriented service.

The NineHertz provides following Affiliate Marketing Services:


Benefits from choosing The NineHertz for Multipronged Affiliate Marketing Online Services: 

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    Pre-Launch Review: We take into account your organizational objectives and marketing goals to devise the affiliate management services that are right for your company. We also conduct extensive research through competition analysis and other such tools to come up with a launch strategy that works flawlessly.
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    Banner and Marketing Material Design: We have creative geniuses at work who can create awe-inspiring banners and e-mail material that invariably hit the right spot every time.
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    Affiliate Partner Employment and Management: We have an extensive, performance-proven affiliate base to put to use and also can create fresh affiliations to kick-start the campaign. We are open to communicating with your existing affiliate marketing agency to give it the right direction.
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    Campaign Management: We do not hire automated software to manage your campaign. Our experts will personally manage your campaign each day to ensure that we are steadily moving towards your organizational objectives.

 The Nine Hertz is the Top Affiliate Marketing Company with Zero Hassles

We are open for the communication 24 hours a day. Our experience of more than 9 years as an affiliate marketing company ensures that you are in good hands. Added to this, our affordable prices, make sure tabs are kept on your spending. At the end of the day, results are what matter most and with The NineHertz you get exactly that – great results.  The NineHertz also provides other Digital Marketing services like SEO, PPC, SMO, ORM.

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